We know gut health isn’t a new *movement* (love a pun).

We’re here now to make it TOO EASY for you to make a great choice.

Gutsii ALL ABOUT                                                 

  • Pro awesomeness

  • Pro energy

  • Pro snacks

  • Pro biotics

  • Pro healing

  • Pro time saving

  • Pro yumminess

  • Pro loving your guts


Gutsii LOVES                                                          

  • Good bacterial balance

  • Healthy stomach acid levels

  • Nourished gut lining

  • Antioxidant power
  • Sustained energy levels
  • Actual nutrient absorption

Gutsii STORY                                                         

We have had a gut-full!

Popping pills, blending potions, brewing broths and measuring powders...


Smart enough to know we need to protect, heal and nourish our guts, but not sick enough to be OK with juggling ALL those supplements every day.

Needing simple functional food solutions, we stopped waiting and made it ourselves, for ourselves and are tickled pink we can share it with others!

We are putting the FUNKY into funKtional foods and turning all our supplements into snazzy snacks.

We think it’s cool to have a good stool and worship the millions of creatures that make up our bodies!

Being busy, kick ass people doesn’t excuse us hurting ourselves with quick-fix garbage products!

Lining up pills to pop ain’t productive either.

Get your life back!

We've got no time for bullshit products that take up too much time, packaging and cupboard space so we've been making magic, in the form of funky, functional, amazing food products that save you time, space, headspace, money and the BS.

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